Marketing for Humans

How to Market a Shiver: Cold Dipping with KyAnn Anderson-McKernan

March 01, 2022 Christina Frei Season 7 Episode 2
Marketing for Humans
How to Market a Shiver: Cold Dipping with KyAnn Anderson-McKernan
Show Notes

Today I have a special treat. We are joined by KyAnn Anderson, the leader of the WH Wolfpack, named after Wim Hof, the cold plunge guru.  KyAnn started this group in November 2020 with her husband and another couple. By November, it had grown to 30 people.  Now, even in February, 20+ people show up to dip in the Atlantic Ocean north of Boston 2x a week.  What I appreciate about KyAnn is that she embodies one of the marketing archetypes I study: the Celebrator.  She loves to bring the good life, and she’s a walking party wherever she goes. Just ask the Wolfpack members. She’s a natural marketer, on Instagram with lots of jolly posts about in the ocean.  I’ve personally been inspired by KyAnn’s fortitude and have been cold-dipping since June 2021.  2 days after I recorded this, I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done: dipped in 40 degree water during an ice storm and low tide. 

KyAnn's Background
KyAnn has been a registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional since 2007.
While remaining active in design, KyAnn’s career focus shifted in 2016, when s he started utilizing her talents to increase health and wellness through helping others, following her battle with cancer. Her role as Marketing Director of CannMed Events (founded by Medicinal Genomics) prioritizes cannabis science, innovation, and collaboration, to advance the industry and improve patient care, by way of CannMed, a yearly cannabis science conference.

@whwolfpack on Instagram

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